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The BeeCollect Guide is a mobile media guide system for exhibitions, that closely meshes data from the areas of collection management, exhibition planning and visitor service. The BeeCollect guide works in perfect harmony with the collection management system MuseumPlus Classic from zetcom.

As a multilingual support portable audio guides for visitors are offered in numerous museums for many years. Today appropriate options are available in almost any exhibition.

The classic audio guide thereby is increasingly replaced by the media guide. This is a usually tablet based application that merges images, texts, audio and video content into an informative exhibition guide.

The BeeCollect Guide goes one step further: We have made the design of the media guide a fully integrated part of the exhibition planning. All relevant ehibition data are managed by the BeeColllect Exhibition manager, including the contents used by the BeeCollect Guide.

The BeeCollect Guide offers the possibilty to provide different tours for different exhibitions. The visitor has the choice between two different modes to move through the tours offered by the the media guide.

  • manual navigation in a graphical floor plan or by entering a numerical code
  • automatic navigation by IBeacon control according to  Bluetooth Low Energy standard.

With the beacon control a kind of indoor GPS for controlling the visitor information is available. The BeeCollect Guide uses the coordinates of this system in order to offer suitable information on nearby objects to the exhibition visitor. This can be done in the form of texts, images, audio or video documents. Even the synchronous playback of multilingual audio streams at spatial sound installations is possible.


Android tablets with iBeacon integration

The BeeCollect Guide is an app based on AndroidTM. It can be used on all current Android tablet models.

The BeeCollect Guide does not have direct access to the collection database. The content available on the tablet is entered in the Exhibition manager of the BeeCollect Toolbox Pro. From there it is exported and transferred to the tablet via HTTPS download.

The configuration for the positional control of the visitor information is also done in the BeeCollect Exhibition manager. The positional control mechanism follows the IBeacon standard for indoor navigation. The completed IBeacon configuration is sent as an XML file to the tablet, together with the other content.


New and already successfully in use

The Salzburg Museum first used the BeeCollect Guide in its comprehensive state exhibition "Bishop. Emperor. Everyone. 200 years of Salzburg in Austria". Following this, Solvatec's media guide provides accompanying multimedial information to visitors of two current exhibitions of the Salzburg Museum. Learn more


The most important Arguments for the BeeCollect Guide

  • perfect integration with MuseumPlus Classic
  • no additional content management system required
  • dynamic, location-based control of the visitor information

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