Web solutions

We offer individual solutions for the web presentation of data from the collection management system MuseumPlus Classic. Our services range from consulting and planning to implementation up to support during the going live.

The Web has established itself as a medium for museums to make data from existing collection management systems accessible to a wider audience. This can e.g. relate to data on objects, artists, literature, exhibitions and events. Today, many museums deliver content to several different platforms simultaneously. This normally includes the own website. Moreover, data are often provided to special portals that combine and connect content from different institutions. The initiation and maintenance of this publication services poses complex challenges for museums. 

Service spectrum

We combine comprehensive services with a strong consulting profile

We support museums competently and independently in all matters related to the web publication of collection-related data from MuseumPlus Classic. In doing so, solutions for the following two core tasks must usually be worked out:

  • Selected content must be transferred from the collection database to a web database and continuously synchronized between both instances.
  • The transferred collection data must be incorporated into the design of the target web page.

To accomplish these tasks different approaches depending on given requirements and resources are best suited.

At the beginning of our work on web projects there is always comprehensive advice on the options available in each case. Following, we develop with our customers the right solution strategy and implement it fully or in collaboration with other providers.

Web projects are often the result of a cooperation between different service providers. Thus, for example, the synchronisation of content between the collection database and the web database could be realized by us whereas a specialized agency could do the programming and the design for the presentation of the collection data.

As we understand the complete process from the entry of collection data in MuseumPlus Classic to the display of content on the web, we are well positioned to mediate between the database and the web perspective of different players and to lead such projects responsibly.

Quality standards

We rely on established open standards and technical specifications

For the publication of collection data on the museum's website the providers of the leading collection management systems also offer their own Web clients. These include the promise of a seamless integration both in the processes of digital collection management as well as in the structure of the existing Web page.

We recommend all museums to have an open mind for the available alternatives. Especially for web publishing there are a number of established open standards which suggest that it is not always advisabale to bind oneself to the products of a particular manufacturer.

Rather, all available solutions must be measured by whether they meet the established web standards and technical specifications for the publication of web content. This includes in particular the use of HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript to render the content in the web browser. This forms the basis for the realisation of a "responsive web design" which allows dynamic adjustment of the contents and functions of a website to changing reception conditions.

The expectations of a modern web presentation have increased significantly with the rapid pace of technological development in recent years. All that is shown on the web today is not only supposed to work equally well with different browsers, but also on all possible devices. Moreover, high standards concerning a barrier-free delivery of web content are applied to museums as public institutions.

Due to the increasing daily competition for the attention of the recipients it is more and more difficult to establish a website successfully. Against this background, the subject of search engine optimization (SEO) is an important issue for the web presence of museums. This is not just a matter of achieving the highest possible position in the search result lists, but to strengthen the instution‘s visibility in general.

We help our customers to meet these challenges successfully. Our team combines professional knowledge of the technical and practical basics of working with MuseumPlus and extensive know-how in the realisation of web projects that fully meet the standards of responsive and barrier-free web design. This gives us a relatively exclusive status as a specialized full-service provider for the successful presentation of content from MuseumPlus Classic on the web.


The most important arguments for our web services

  • responsive web design
  • barrier-free presentation
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • independent advice
  • individual solutions
  • comprehensive competence 

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