Interfaces and apps

We create customized solutions for the perfect integration of the collection management system MuseumPlus Classic from zetcom with all other systems of your museum and collection management.

Our interfaces and apps combine data from documentation, digital asset management, POS, exhibition planning, audio guide and website and increase the efficiency of your work.

Interfaces to external services and databases

Benefit from an efficient cooperation between different specialized systems

Often, there is a demand to use data that are already available in MuseumPlus Classic with other external software systems. This may be, for example, a web content management system, an audio guide- or a POS system.

In order to avoid that the required data must be entered a second time, or manually adjusted in the target system, it makes sense to transfer the data stored in MuseumPlus Classic automatically to relevant external systems.

On the other hand, there is a lot of data that is added or edited in external programs, which is important for working with MuseumPlus Classic as well. This may include, for example, a specialized application for the entry of restoration information or a digital asset management system. In these cases, it makes sense to automatically synchronize the shared data between MuseumPlus Classic and relevant external applications.

In order to allow the software systems involved to exchange data with each other independently, an interface is required that enables communication between the two programs. In rare cases suitable interfaces are already implemented. Mostly, these must be newly developed or, at least, individually adjusted.

We develop tailor-made interfaces for data exchange between MuseumPus Classic and other relevant software systems. We closely cooperate with the involved system vendors to design and realise customized solutions. In this way, the maintenance requirements for both systems can often be significantly reduced, because stored content of one system is accessible from the other system.

Moreover, due to the increasing dissemination of concepts such as Linked Open Data numerous standardized vocabularies are avilable for free use via a web service today. These resources can be integrated via interfaces in MuseumPlus Classic . We also offer the right solutions for this use case, in order to make data available via web service for your documentation with MuseumPlus Classic.

Programming of apps

Integrate additional apps for mobile or external access into the digital collection management.

The need to allow the processing of collection data through specialized apps outside MuseumPlus Classic may be motivated by different factors. It may be that an external service provider is supposed to get access to a specific area of the collectiondatabase, but not full access via the client of MuseumPlus Classic. It may be that for certain internal tasks a targeted, mobile access to selected data seems to make more sense than working with the full-featured desktop client, as for example, in the context of site management or restoration.

For most of these special requirement profiles no highly complex application with numerous functions is needed. Often it rather depends on a simple, consistent operating concept and quick usability - best also platform-independent and mobile. We provide solutions for complementary  apps and add-ons that are perfectly tailored to your specific needs. Our customers benefit from our specific competence mix that combines expert knowledge about  MuseumPlus and expertise in mobile application development.


The most important arguments for our interfaces and apps

  • comprehensive competence
  • independent advice
  • individual solutions
  • efficient work

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