BeeCollect API

The BeeCollect API provides the ability to exchange data via a web service with the collection management system MuseumPlus Classic from zetcom. With the API software developers are given a quick and easy to use opportunity to deliver data from MuseumPlus Classic to external databases and applications or, conversely, to import and modify data in MuseumPlus Classic.

Regardless of whether you plan to create a separate location management app, to allow remote workers access to your exhibition planning or to make collections accessible for portal systems - the BeeCollect API provides the right interface for it.

The API ensures not only a secure authentication of the clients and a secure, encrypted data transfer, but also guarantees data consistency in MuseumPlus Classic at all times. In order to use the API no deeper knowledge of the internal structure and operation of MuseumPlus Classic is needed.


Provides a powerful interface solution fully compliant with current standards

The BeeCollect API besides BeeCollect Sync is a second, interesting way to exchange data between MuseumPlus Classic and other applications. While BeeCollect Sync actively imports and exports data, the BeeCollect API operates passively and waits permanently on external requests. The processing logic applied to the data exported from MuseumPlus Classic or the conversion of the data into the expected format of the API lies in the hands of the external application.

Key features and characteristics of BeeCollect API are:

  • Realized as RESTful Web services
    The BeeCollect API applies the current standard for interfaces of this type. Following the REST standard no active session on the server is required. This ensures a gentle handling of storage resources. On the other hand, it is very simple to get access from the client side.
  • High standard of encryption and authentication
    The BeeCollect API communicates encrypted via an HTTPS connection. Thus, all data exchanged between server and client are inaccessible for any third party. Secure access control is guaranteed by HTTP authentication in conjunction with optional client certificates. The latter ensure that only certain, previously registered clients can connect to the server.
  • Easy access and high query performance
    In developing the API both a simple, logical access concept and a highly efficient performance was paramount. Never before was it possible to retrieve data from MuseumPlus in such a simple manner. At the same time extensive queries are executed quickly and consistently.


Enables read and write access to the main modules of the MuseumPlus database

The API provides read and write access to the data of selected modules within the Museum Plus database. In addition, information about the configured database meta-schema (for example, field attributes, such as the current label and linked vocabulary) can be retrieved.

The following modules are currently supported by the API:

  • Collection
  • Artists/Participants
  • Literature
  • Exhibition
  • Foto order
  • Events
  • Address

For each module, both the basic data as well as (depending on the module) additional data and links can be retrieved and edited. Query results are thereby optionally supplied as JSON or XML structure.

For all modules there is the ability to retrieve embedded documents and images via multimedia links. These are received as Base64-encoded data stream on the client side. New multimedia links can be added by uploading Base64-encoded documents or images and associated metadata.

User rights

Differentiated specification of access rights

To access and use the API a BeeCollect user is required. This can be created with the BeeCollect Toolbox or BeeCollect Professional in the Museum Plus database. Only users who have the BeeCollect API assigned as a module can connect via the API to the Museum Plus database. In addition, all access rights specified for the respective user are fully effective. Hence, the user via the API has only access to data for which sufficient access rights have been assigned to him

Note for the definition of user rights: The BeeCollect API does NOT draw on the MuseumPlus users. Therefore no access to the API can be set or removed via the user management of MuseumPlus. All access rights are set up exclusively either through the BeeCollect Toolbox or BeeCollect Professional.

Technical requirements

Uncomplicated technical integration

The BeeCollect API is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and can be installed on any current Windows client or server operating system. For operation of the API no existing web server such as IIS or Apache is required, the API provides a separate web server. The software is installed either as a command-line application or as a service.

Internally the BeeCollect API needs access to the MS SQL server on which the MuseumPlus database is operated. Access is via ADO.NET. Other database backends such as Oracle or MS Access are currently not supported. External communication takes place via a freely configurable port and TCP port. The connection with the API client is optionally set up unencrypted via HTTP or SSL-encrypted via HTTPS.

The authentication of the client is possible via HTTP Basic Authentication, plus optionally through client certificates. Client certificates ensure that only certain communication partners can connect to the API, regardless of a user registration.

Technical documentation

Answers to your questions

The full documentation of the BeeCollect API including the configuration of the API server and easily understandable query examples can be found in our knowledge base. learn more


The most important arguments for the BeeCollect API

  • tailored programming interface for MuseumPlus
  • exchange data per webservice with MuseumPlus
  • no adjustments on MuseumPlus needed
  • seamless integration into the Museum Plus client / server infrastructure

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