MuseumPlus Help

In this section we present solutions for tasks in the daily work with the collection management system MuseumPlus from zetcom.

MuseumPlus is the collection management system of zetcom, so no product from Solvatec. However, because we have a great deal to do with MuseumPlus in our daily lives, there are good reasons to share some of the knowledge that we have gathered in the last years of working with this system. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We document here what in our opinion could be useful for users and administrators of MuseumPlus. In some cases, the "official" manual of MuseumPlus perhaps does not help any more - then we hope to help here.

We have sorted the questions by topic area to make the search for the answer a little easier.


  • MuseumPlus: installation
  • MuseumPlus: print output
  • MuseumPlus: database structure

Notes on warranty and disclaimer

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