Exhibition manager

The professional companion for planning, production and documentation of exhibition projects. Gives the entire exhibition team at any time full control over design, content, deadlines and costs.

Get to know the main features of the BeeCollect Exhibition Manager.


Clear arrangement of your exhibition projects

Each exhibition project can be hierarchically structured into different elements. Individual exhibits are attributed to these elements via drag and drop. In this way, the exhibition is visually divided into their rooms, sections and topics.

For each of these structural elements detail data and media like photos, videos or external texts can be deposited.


Fast assembly by VirtualList technology

You are planning extensive exhibitions with many objects? Thanks to Virtual List technology the Exhibition Manager can easily process thousands of exhibits in a flash and nevertheless present them in a clear fashion. The display of the exhibits thereby also includes preview pictures of course. 

And using the Quick Search you can find any desired item quickly even in major exhibition projects.


Flexible presentation für each use case

Curators, restorers, depot managers have different information requirements regarding the exhibition design. In the module Exhibition Manager every user can configure any number of views, each view showing a specific selection of data.


Perfect interaction for perfect processes

Exhibitions are teamwork! And that must be reflected in the tools that are used for exhibition planning.

The Exhibition Manager integrates information from loan service, restoration and transportation management. Thus it can be seen at any time for each exhibition, which restoration measures, loan agreements or transports have been entered for any single item.

Moreover, using the the appointment management of the Exhibition manager all elements and phases of your exhibition project can be provided with deadlines, responsibilities and reminders.

Content Management

Integrated Management of Media Guide Content

In many museums processes like planning, ongoing operations and the documentation of an exhibition project are represented in separate systems. The Exhibition Manager resolves these barriers. This makes it possible, for example, to manage the  texts, media and images used by your audio / media guide system together with all the other information related to the same exhibition project.

With the integration of external media guide systems it would be possible then to synchronise relevant new or changed information from the exhibition manager with the content database used by your audio / media guide system. 


No update for MuseumPlus required

The Exhibition manager needs no update of your existing Museum Plus application. It is part of the BeeCollect Toolbox Pro and can be installed on any Windows client. The respective client does not even require a MuseumPlus installation.

Nevertheless, all the data edited with the Exhibition Manager are completely searchable and printable in MuseumPlus - the BeeCollect Toolbox Pro is fully integrated into your existing Museum Plus database.


Interfaces to other systems

A single system is not able to satisfy each of the most diverse requirements. For some purposes specialized software is needed. The Exhibition Manager comes with interfaces for several systems including digital asset management, media guide and restoration systems. Thus, you can make all relevant data available at the same time both in your central collection management system and your pool of special applications.

Via BeeCollect Sync it is also very easy to export data in external systems or to import data from external sources. In this way, for example, external exhibition designers could get access to certain data or deliver preliminary work for your exhibition project.


The most important arguments for the Exhibition Manager

  • premium functions for exhibition planning
  • perfect integration into MuseumPlus
  • interfaces to other relevant systems