BeeCollect Toolbox

The BeeCollect Toolbox is the professional tool for the care and cleansing of data that you manage with the collection management system MuseumPlus Classic from zetcom.

Anyone who wants to maintain his or her stock of data efficiently and wants an easy to use but powerful administration tool, needs the BeeCollect Toolbox.

The BeeCollect Toolbox is free and can be downloaded here. No administration rights are usually required for installation.  

Key features

The perfect supplement for any instance of MuseumPlus

The BeeCollect Toolbox starts in the fields of data management and data cleansing where MuseumPlus leaves off. Therefore, it is the perfect complement for any MuseumPlus installation. Some large museums trust this valuable tool already for several  years.

  • Powerful tools for data maintenance
  • Data export
  • Uncomplicated overview of the vocabulary used in the database
  • User-friendly administration and configuration

With the toolbox tedious and and error-prone corrections, where the same changes must be carried out again and again in numerous records, are things of the past. Regardless of whether existing data should be adjusted or new data added the BeeCollect Toolbox is the right tool, - without any complicated SQL statements and specialized knowledge of databases.


Ever increasing numbers of modules

The BeeCollect Toolbox is a modular set of tools which is constantly being expanded. Get below an overview of the most important tools:

  • Management of artists / participants

    It requires some effort in MuseumPlus to clean up double counting of individuals or organizations in the module Artists / Participants. The main reason is that each assignment to objects, literature or multimedia records has to be corrected individually.

    Using the BeeCollect Toolbox this succeeds with a few clicks. Any necessary changes to related records are made automatically by the Toolbox.

  • Inserting data based on object groups

    You have a few hundred objects where another insurance value or artist is to be assigned?

    Then the BeeCollect Toolbox is the tool of your choice. Based on object groups generated in MuseumPlus any number of objects can be supplemented with the same data.

  • Index-based search and replace of field contents

    For text fields, which are not assigned to a fixed list of words or a thesaurus, the same situation is often documented by different notations. This can lead to difficulties regarding search and output of records.

    The BeeCollect Toolbax allows to search specifically for such cases and clean them up easily.

  • Removal / Recovery of deleted records

    For the modules Collection, Image archive and Address MuseumPlus provides the functionality to store deleted records in a kind of recycle bin.

    Unfortunately, there is no way in MuseumPlus to empty this recycle bin quickly and easily or to restore several records in one step. This is exactly what you can accomplish with the BeeCollect Toolbox.

  • Exporting data as XML

    When it comes to exchanging data with other systems or the publication of collection data an option to export data from MuseumPlus as structured XML is always asked for. Currently many institutions need such an opportunity to provide data in the LIDO format for Europeana. Using the BeeCollect Toolbox large amounts of data can be exported fast and easily as structured XML.

For detailed instructions on all matters relating to the installation, setup and application of the BeeCollect Toolbox please refer to our knowledge base. learn more

System requirements

Fits seamlessly into your MuseumPlus infrastructure

The BeeCollect Toolbox is based on the Microsoft framework .Net 4.6. During the installation the software determines whether all required system components are available and installs them if necessary. Sufficient rights to perform a local installation are needed. The download of all necessary software components requires internet access.

A client installation of MuseumPlus is not necessary - but it is highly recommended. It is often very useful to check immediately in MuseumPlus if the actions performed with the BeeCollect Toolbox have the desired effects. Some actions in turn require preparations in Museum Plus, for example, creating and filling an object group.

Supported Museum Plus versions

These versions of Museum Plus are supported

The following versions of Museum Plus can be used with the BeeCollect Toolbox:

all releases of the versions

  • 5.0.02
  • 5.0.02 AT
  • 5.0.02 DE
  • 5.0.02, Landesstellenversion
Not sure, which version is in use at your institution?

The BeeCollect Toolbox automatically detects the version and lets you know if it is not supported.

Database backends

The following dababase backends are supported:

  • Microsoft SQL Server, all versions

Currently the BeeCollect Toolbox does not support the database backends MS Access and Oracle.


The best arguments for the BeeCollect Toolbox:

  • Premium functions for data maintenance
  • Fast and easy setup
  • no license and maintenance costs