Data import

We incorporate data in various formats competently and reliably into the collection management system MuseumPlus Classic from zetcom.

The introduction of a new collection management system usually starts with a data import from a legacy system to the new database. This data may be in many different forms, either as Excel spreadsheets, Access or FileMaker databases, text or CSV files or as XML documents - to name just a few of the most common types.

But even after all "old data" have been successfully migrated, situations regularly occur that make importing new data useful. This may be data from other software systems that are used in the museum or data from the systems of external service providers or other cultural institutions.

Influential Factors

We know what is important when data has to be migrated

Regardless of the time of a data import and the original context of the source data the success of a data transfer depends mainly on the following factors:

  • Consistency of the source data
    Comprises the essential attribute on the data side of the import project. Data with an inconsistent structure are not or not fully suitable for a rule based transfer. 
  • Knowledge of the data model of the target database
    Comprises the essential attribute on the person side of the import project. Someone who is not completely familiar with the data model of the target database cannot reliably guarantee a competent import.

We have extensive experience in the realisation of data imports into Museum Plus. Thus, we are completely familiar with the data model of MuseumPlus and know exactly to which aspects we have to pay attention during the analysis and preparation of the source data.

Service Spectrum

We provide comprehensive service in all data migration projects

We offer customers of MuseumPlus Classic a comprehensive and competent service for data migration projects of any kind. This includes the following components:

  • Analysis and - if desired and necessary - cleanup of the source data
  • Mapping of the source data to the customer-defined target fields in MuseumPlus Classic
  • Programming of the data acquisition and test in our test environment
  • Data transfer into the productive environment of the customer


The most important arguments for our imports

  • many years of experience
  • comprehensive advice
  • competent implementation
  • attractive conditions

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