Print output & data export

We create complex reports for the collection management system MuseumPlus Classic from zetcom. We also perform data exports into all conceivable target formats.

The output of data for different use cases is an essential requirement of a modern collection management system. This includes appealing print outputs as well as data exports for sharing with other systems.

Print output

We realise complex Word reports according to your specifications

For the creation of appealing print outputs MuseumPlus Classic provides the ability to generate reports as a Microsoft Word document. To do this a data source in MuseumPlus Classic and an appropriate mail merge template in Microsoft Word must be created in advance of the output.

Using Microsoft Word as the program for report output ensures that, in principle, any user can create appropriate templates with general text processing skills. The outline of the specific knowledge that is needed for the creation and linking of the required data sources in MuseumPlus Classic, can be quite adequately conveyed in a topic-specific training for administrative users. We also offer such trainings as part of our MuseumPlus related services.

The foundation of a first training is generally sufficient to give the typical administrative user of MuseumPlus Classica fast sense of achievement when creating own reports. For the creation of complex reports, e.g. loan contracts or restoration reports, however, in-depth knowledge of the database structure and the internal query options of MuseumPlus Classic are required. Frequently the responsible staff members in museums do not have the time and opportunity to incorporate these advanced basics of reporting.

We have many years of experience in the implementation of numerous reports for different customers and use cases. Hence, we know what is important in the realisation of complex and practicable reports for MuseumPlus Classic.

Service spectrum

We carry out the creation of complete Word reports according to the customer's specifications. This includes the following services:

  • Preparation of a detailed specification for the data source and the design of the template document in consultation with the customer
  • Compilation of a data source with the desired information elements in MuseumPlus Classic
  • Creation of a mail merge template with Microsoft Word in a design predetermined by the customer.
  • Test and productive implementation of the final report in the MuseumPlus environment of the customer

Data export

We export data from MuseumPlus in all desired formats

The export of MuseumPlus data into a page-oriented file format as provided by Microsoft Word, is only one way among others to provide collection data for use outside of MuseumPlus. Frequently MuseumPlus data are requested in other formats, either as a continuous list in Microsoft Excel, an HTML document or a CSV or text file. All of these file formats can be exported directly from MuseumPlus for each existing data source. So once you have a certain set of information elements in the module „Create reports", it is equally possible at the same time to export the respective information into the mentioned file formats for any amount of records.

Another important file format that is usually required for data exchange with other systems is the XML format. Exports into the XML format cannot be created with the onboard tools of MuseumPlus. So there is no direct way to create an XML export from a data source. This can be remedied here by our free BeeCollect Toolbox, which provides the ability to export collection data with selected fields directly into an XML document.

Creating your own export solutions requires a certain amount of exercise with the available functions both in MuseumPlus and the BeeCollect Toolbox. In addition, advanced knowledge of the data model and internal query options of MuseumPlus is sometimes indispensable for special export tasks. Frequently the responsible staff members in the museums do not have the time and opportunity to incorporate these advanced basics of data export.

Service spectrum

For all situations where you encounter your limits regarding desired exports, we offer our service for the creation of data exports from Museum Plus. This includes the following:

  • Mapping of source fields from MuseumPlus to the export format   
  • Creating a data source for the data export or programming the data export without using the module „Create reports“ in MuseumPlus
  • Performing the export and providing the export file


The most important arguments for our exports and reports

  • many years of experience
  • comprehensive advice
  • competent implementation 
  • attractive conditions

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