IT solutions

In order to help our customers to make most of  the software used for collection management, we offer a wide range of custom solutions. These solutions can be commissioned individually and are realized by us in close consultation with the customer.

Our custom solutions extend the capabilities of our BeeCollect products and the collection management system MuseumPlus Classic. They offer individual solutions for all tasks that cannot be completed with the standard tools of MuseumPlus Classic and for which there is no standard solution in the form of a BeeCollect product.

Get an overview of our service spectrum in the range of customer-specific adaptations:

Web solutions

Publish collection data on the web

The publication of collection data on the own website and special portal pages has become a standard task for museums. The continuous and professional fulfillment of this task by the museums is increasingly expected by the public as normal. We help our customers to present MuseumPlus data in a contemporary form on the web. Our related services range from advice on all web and database-specific questions to the design and planning of the web presentation up to implementation and assistance during the GoLive. learn more


Connecting external services and databases

A modern collection management system like the program MuseumPlus Classic operates in multiple interactions with other software programs. The principle of efficiency  demands that the software systems involved in this context share the required data as automatically as possible without costly manual intervention. We offer the creation of interface solutions that meet exactly this requirement. learn more


Creating applications for external or mobile access to MuseumPlus Classic

There are numerous use cases in the field of collection management that lend themselves to the concept of alternative access to collection data from external or mobile apps. In most of these cases there is no need to provide the whole dataset with all functions of the central collection management system. Rather, in typical external or mobile use cases just a few context-specific functions that allow access to a selected part of the collection data are needed. We design and create apps for mobile or external access to MuseumPlus Classic, all exactly tailor-made to meet your requirements. learn more

Data import

Realisation of data transfer

In addition to the implementation of recurring import scenarios using our products BeeCollect Sync and BeeCollect API, we also offer the realisation of unique data imports to MuseumPlus Classic. This may be, for example, the import of object data from an Excel list. Individual mappings that have been elaborated and agreed together with the customer form the basis for each processed data import. learn more

Print output

Output data in a Microsoft Word document

We offer the creation of MuseumPlus reports as made to order service. This includes creating a data source specified by the customer as well as the realisation of a target design in Microsoft Word. learn more

Data export

Transfer data to any target formats

In addition to the implementation of recurring export scenarios using our products BeeCollect Sync and BeeCollect API we also offer the realisation of unique data exports from MuseumPlus Classic, for example, as XML document. learn more

IT solutions

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The most important arguments for our IT solutions

  • independent advice
  • individual solutions
  • comprehensive competence